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  1. Fulfillment Theology - In Jesus - (The types and “shadows” of the old covenant find their substance in the Son, Christ Jesus) - {PDF Copy}
  2. Jesus Interprets the Father - (The Prologue to the Gospel of John declares that life, light and truth are found in Jesus, not the Mosaic legislation) - {PDF Copy}
  3. The Supremacy of the Son - (Hebrews 1:1-2:4The “word” spoken by God in "a Son" is His full disclosure that takes precedence over the older partial "words") - {PDF Copy
  4. Jesus Fulfilled the Law and the Prophets - (Matthew 5:17It is in Jesus that “All the promises of God are Yea and Amen,” not in the Torah) - {PDF Copy}
  5. The Name of 'Jesus' - (The name 'Jesus' is the equivalent of 'Joshua' and means "Yahweh Saves") - {PDF Copy}
  6. The Incommunicable Name - (Reprint of the article about the name 'Yahweh' by Joseph B. Rotherham) - {PDF Copy}
  7. Full of Grace and Truth - (John 1:14-18 - The Fullness and Grace of God are found only in the “Word made Flesh,” Jesus) - {PDF Copy}
  8. The Final Word of God - (Hebrews 1:1-3 - God has spoken with finality and completeness in His Son) - {PDF Copy}
  9. The Son is Superior to Angels - (Hebrews 1:5-2:4 - The Son is superior to the angels of God) - {PDF Copy}
  10. The Word of the Son Surpasses Moses - (Hebrews 3:1-6 - The Son surpasses Moses in dignity and rank) - {PDF Copy}
  11. All Divine Mysteries are Revealed in Jesus - (Romans 16:25All God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus Christ, especially, in his death and resurrection) - {PDF Copy}
  12. Jesus - The Key that Unlocks Prophecy - (Jesus is the key that unlocks Scripture and Prophecy, period) - {PDF Copy}
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  1. Priest Forever - Jesus - (Psalm 110:4The priesthood of Jesus is superior to Levi and Aaron - It rests on the endless resurrected life and one-for-all sacrifice of Jesus) - {PDF Copy}
  2. Jesus, the True and Greater Tabernacle - (John 1:14 - Jesus is the True and Final Tabernacle foreshadowed by the tent in the wilderness) - {PDF Copy}
  3. Jesus, the True House of God - (John 1:47-50 - Jacob's dream of a ladder to Heaven foreshadowed Jesus, the True and Greater "Bethel," the House of God) - {PDF Copy}
  4. Jesus, the True Sanctuary of God - (John 2:13-22- Jesus is the Greater Temple foreshadowed by the stone structure in Jerusalem) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Jesus, the Place of True Worship - (John 4:20-24True worship of the Father takes place in Jesus, in the Spirit and truth) - {PDF Copy}
  6. The True and Greater Temple - Jesus - (Jesus is the Greater and Final Temple foreshadowed by the ancient Tabernacle and the later Temple of Israel) - {PDF Copy}
Photo by James Douglas on Unsplash
Photo by James Douglas on Unsplash

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