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Lamb and Messiah

SYNOPSIS  -  In the book of Revelation, Jesus began his Messianic Reign following his Death and Resurrection  –  Revelation 5:6-10 .  The  book of Revelation  assures the beleaguered congregations in Asia that Jesus is reigning and remains in firm control of events, despite appearances or any hostility from the surrounding pagan society. His authority is based on his  past Death and Resurrection , which marked the commencement of his present reign from the messianic “throne.” Already, the kingdom of God is underway on the earth, and Jesus has full authority over life and death. - [ Shepherd - Photo by  Biegun Wschodni  on Unsplash ].

An Ancient Beast

SYNOPSIS  -  The “beast from the sea” is the latest incarnation of an ancient creature that has been active since the fall of Adam .  In  Revelation , the “ Dragon, that Ancient Serpent ” was poised to make “ war ” on the “ seed of the woman .” Satan was standing on the seashore to summon his “ seed ” to execute this “ war ” - The “ beast from the sea ” and the “ beast from the earth .” His intended victim was the “ seed of the woman ,” a group of men and women comprised of those who have the “ testimony of Jesus ” -  ( Revelation 12:1-17 ). [ Photo by  David Clode  on Unsplash ].

Beast from the Abyss

SYNOPSIS  -  The first appearance of the “beast” is at its ascent from the “Abyss” to wage “war” against the “two witnesses”  –  Revelation 11:7 .  In  Revelation , the “ Abyss ” first appears when the “ fifth trumpet ” sounds , a dark pit from which a cloud of smoke and demonic creatures “ ascend ” to afflict the “ inhabitants of the earth .” Several times in the book, satanic forces “ ascend ” from this place to wreak havoc on the earth and to wage war against the “ saints .” In the vision of the “ two witnesses ,” the “ beast ascended ” from this pit to “ slay ” the “ two witnesses ” after they “ completed their testimony ” - ( Revelation 9:1-3 ). [ Photo by  Mick Haupt  on Unsplash ].

Two Witnesses - Slain

SYNOPSIS  – Hated by the impenitent, the “inhabitants of the earth” rejoice over the deaths of the two witnesses - Revelation 11:8-14 . The “ second woe ” does not end or the “ third woe ” begin until the mission of the " two witnesses " is completed, just as John was told after he had received the “ little scroll " from the mighty angel. Moreover, the completion of their testimony means their deaths at the hands of the " beast from the Abyss " - ( Revelation 10:7 – “ It behooves you to prophesy against peoples and nations and tongues, and many kings ”). - [ Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash ].

Two Witnesses

SYNOPSIS   –   The Two Witnesses must complete their testimony before the Beast is unleashed from the Abyss   -   Revelation 11:3-7 .  Next, for  its mission to prophesy  before   “ nations and kings ,” the   church is   represented  with  the  image of the “ t wo  witnesses ”  engage d  in prophetic  testimony  before the “ inhabitants of the earth .” Their ministry continues for  the entire  period of “ twelve hundred and sixty days , ” or  the “ forty-two months ,”  until they  have “ finished ” their work, then they  are  “ slain by the  b east  that ascends  from the  abyss . ” [ Photo by  戸山 神奈  on Unsplash ].

Kingdom - Priests

SYNOPSIS  –  Christians reign with Jesus and fulfill their royal role as “priests” who render service to God in His “Tabernacle”  -  Revelation 1:5-6 .  The self-sacrificial death of Jesus is  THE  foundation and source for the visions of the  book of Revelation . Moreover, his death means installation of overcoming believers to become “ priests .” He reigns already over the “ kings of the earth ” because of his death and resurrection, and the outpouring of his lifeblood has consecrated us to be “ priests ” to his God - [ Calvary - Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash ]: