Ends of the Ages

In several ways, Paul coordinates the commencement of the “last days” with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus .  The Apostle links the start of the “ last days ” with the death and resurrection of the Son of God. The time of fulfillment has arrived, and all God’s promises now find their “ yea and amen ” in him. “ In these last days ,” God has “ spoken ” His definitive “ word ” in His Son .

Stand Fast!

Believers prepare for the Apostasy and the coming Man of Lawlessness by standing firm in the apostolic tradition . Having explained the coming “ Apostasy ” and “ Man of Lawlessness ,” Paul instructs believers on how they may avoid the coming deception and find themselves standing “ blameless ” before Jesus when he “ arrives .” They must  “ stand fast ” by adhering to the teachings and  “ traditions ”  of the apostles.

Language of the New Testament

Was the New Testament originally composed in Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew? Overwhelmingly, the evidence points to Greek . What was the original language of the documents that became the New Testament? For centuries, the scholarly consensus was that it was written in Greek. But today, a growing minority claims it was composed in the Hebrew or Aramaic language.

Counterfeit Christs

Since its founding, Satan has been sending many deceivers and false prophets to destroy the church from within .  Popular preaching presents the  Antichrist  as the ultimate global leader, a tyrant bent on subjugating all nations. But New Testament shows far more concern about deceivers working inside the church and causing apostasy than with political events in the surrounding world.

The Last Hour

The presence of false teachers in the church demonstrates that we are in the last days, and the LAST HOUR is almost upon us . John declares it is the  “ last hour ,” the period elsewhere called the “ last days .” As evidence of this, he points to the false teachers that are disrupting the churches, products of the “ spirit of antichrist ” that is active in the world. And each one is a forerunner of the final “ Antichrist .”

In the Last Days

The outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost signaled the arrival of the last days, just as prophesied by the prophet Joel – Acts 2:17-21. The application of Joel’s prophecy by Peter on the Day of Pentecost links the gift of the Spirit to the onset of the messianic age following Christ’s ascension and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the latter signals the arrival of the “ LAST DAYS ” and the inevitability if not imminence of the “ Day of the Lord .”