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Redeemed of the Earth

In Revelation, included in the people of God are men and women purchased from every nation by the blood of Jesus .  Revelation  applies a variety of terms and symbols to the church that is under assault from within and without. The men who are redeemed from the earth form a company that transcends all national, social, and cultural boundaries. And tribulation is not an aberration to be avoided at all costs. Persevering through trials is integral to what it means to follow the “ Lamb wherever he goes ” - [ Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash ].

Arrogant King of the North

The war between the kings of the “North” and “South” culminates in the rise of an arrogant ruler who persecutes the saints  -  Daniel 11:5-45 . Beginning with the fourfold division of the Greek kingdom, the interpreting angel outlined the coming conflicts between two of the subsequent realms that culminated in the rise of a “ contemptible ” ruler. Previously, the rise and division of the Greek empire was portrayed in the  vision  of the “ Ram and the Goat ,” representing the kingdoms of the “ Medes and Persians ” and of “ Greece .” - [ Photo by  FERNANDO TRIVIÑO  on Unsplash ].

Literal and Nonliteral Language

Revelation informs the reader from the very first verse of the book that it communicates symbolically .  Must prophecy be interpreted only or primarily in the most “literal” fashion possible unless, of course, a passage specifically indicates otherwise? Often in our minds, there is an unstated assumption that  literal  language is more reliable than  nonliteral  language, an assumption that becomes especially problematic when interpreting  Revelation  - [ Photo by  Paul Skorupskas  on Unsplash ].