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Paul, Signs and Seasons

Paul does not provide a detailed outline of the signs and seasons that will precede the End. Instead, he exhorts disciples to live righteously now .  Does the Apostle Paul instruct believers that they must understand the “ times and seasons ” so they may calculate the timing of Christ’s return? In fact, considering that Christ will arrive “ like a thief in the night ,” he exhorts the congregation in Thessalonica to live righteously as the “ sons of the light ,” and to “ watch and be sober .”

I Came to be in Spirit

On four different occasions, John found himself “in the Spirit” and was transported to a new location where he received another vision .  In his first vision, John came to be “ in the spirit ” where he saw a vision of “ one like a son of man ” standing among the “ seven golden lampstands .” Now, in the fourth chapter, he “ came to be in the spirit  and was summoned to heaven to receive a vision about the “ throne ,” the “ sealed scroll ,” and the “ slain Lamb .”


Absent Church?

His Appearance